About Us

Know more about GATE Warehouse Price

About Al Kabayel Oasis Trading LLC

Before the concept of ‘GATE’ was conceived, the entire business used to be operated under a trade name- Al Kabayel group. Al Kabayel group is renowned as pioneers in the UAE,operating with prominence in the retail sector since 1973.

Apart from retail, the group is a conglomerate having stakes in import – export, whole sale trading, e-commerce and manufacturing units for garments and toys. Al Kabayel lays focus on premium quality and affordable pricing ranges.

About GATE

A new concept “Gate” has been derived for regular shoppers, where prices have been slashed to meet the requirements of different strata and is climbing up the ladder in the retail segment day after day.

Sprawled across 5 locations in the UAE, GATE operates as individual shopping stores with unique business models, scales and propositions.

Vision & Values

Make every customer delighted with the quality of products, service and price we serve.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide quality retail at affordable prices.

Our Business Models

Each GATE store has a unique marketplace, customer behavior and market size to cater to, thus giving birth to 3 major business models that our business operates with.

1. GATE WAREHOUSE PRICE (50000+ sq ft)

Holding the largest percentage share on the basis of size, scale and revenue of the whole business, GATE Warehouse Price is the most prominent store of all. Located at Hessa Street, Al Barsha 3, Dubai, this store operates with the warehouse price model. This model is entirely based on the pricing strategy wherein the sole mission of the store is to provide a very wide range of products at warehouse prices.

2. GATE 1 TO 10 (15000-25000 sq ft)

Gate 1 to 10 stores have been tested and proven stores operating under Al Kabayel. As the name suggests, GATE 1 to 10 works with 1 to 10 pricing model where the store aimsat providing most of the items under 10AED. The pricing window of 1AED to 10AED is where most of the business for the store happens. Our branches at Al Quoz, Sabkha and Ajman are GATE 1 to 10 stores.

3. GATE 1 TO 7.99 (7500-15000 sq ft)

As the name suggests, GATE 1 to 7.99 is also another pricing model where the most of the items range in between 1AED to 7.99AED.

Only the branch at Union operates under this model.